How to Scale Your Business Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin

Dear Entrepreneur,

Social media is free, easy, and fun and has become an essential platform for businesses to reach their customers. Billions of people are posting everyday on various social media channels so the question for most entrepreneurs is how they can stand out in this avalanche of information and this is where a social media strategy becomes important.

One mistake that a lot of businesses make when using social media is failing to understand that different platforms have different audiences and you cant just log in and start posting, without understanding your audience and what they want to see or read. For instance Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin have different types of users and what works on one platform may not necessarily work on another.

Today we provide tips on how to use some of the most popular platforms effectively to scale your business.


Facebook is a massive social media platforms and if your target customer is on any social media platform, it’s likely Facebook. It’s a conversational platform and if a consumer likes your Facebook page, they will receive updates anytime you make a post and its therefore important that you’re connecting with those who follow you by providing the right type of content for them.

Try posting a variety of stuff to see what your audience responds to, and once you’ve figured out what types of information and updates your audience responds to, stick with it. One thing to avoid on Facebook is uploading too much information, as this will cause visitors to un-like your page. For most businesses, one update per day is the ideal rate. People who are going through Facebook will see your company updates alongside those of their friends and family, so to keep them engaged don’t take make your posts too serious.

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Twitter is a major social media network of people and brands communicating with each other, making it the most conversational of all the social media platforms. Approximately 500 million tweets are sent every day, and the site has over 320 million monthly active users. With 5,787 tweets sent every second, its easy for your conversations to get lost in the crowd so for this platform posting many times each day will increase the likelihood that your tweets will be viewed by your followers, giving them more opportunities to engage with you.

Product promotions, online contests, sales offers, industry news, data insights, and new releases are all common topics you can tweet to your followers on Twitter. To continue adding value and increase your engagement rate with your followers, its important to make your tweets as creative and light-hearted as possible, you can get away with “unserious” posts on twitter as against business-oriented networks like LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is the first social networking platform and has over 250 million monthly active members focusing on business to business (B2B) communication. A follower of your page on LinkedIn is probably interested in the business related information and insights you can provide them. According to statistics, companies who post regularly on LinkedIn enjoy a 2x increase in interaction on their posts.

LinkedIn is also a great place for your staff to become brand ambassadors for your company. Make use of them and their network to spread your content— it’s good way to get your stuff on the platform more frequently and avoid over sharing. Followers should be able to use your posts to learn more about your field of expertise or to learn about new products. You want to highlight the most positive parts of your company, as well as successes that others can learn from and unique insights that they won’t find anywhere else.


Instagram, is the most visual of all the social media platforms and about a billion active users. It has two types of posting options: Stories and Posts and the type of content you upload on Instagram is determined by whether you use posts or Stories.

Instagram posts primarily consist of photos, graphics, or short videos showcasing content that embodies your brand. Stories are a more conversational and casual manner of sharing content with your audience. Stories can be done in a variety of forms and are live for 24 hours.

Posting on Instagram is all about quality and consistency and you can lose followers or engagement if you start posting a couple of times a week and then suddenly stop. Find out what works best for your company and stay with it. People want to follow businesses on Instagram because it allows them to see a more visual representation of their brand.

Parting Thoughts

Providing high-quality material on a constant basis is at the heart of effective social media marketing for small businesses. Consistent does not always imply “a lot.” It’s critical that you discover a rhythm that works for both your audience and you, so that you can continue to provide value in an engaging manner.

Social media can be a great tool to elevate your business strategy and maximize your gains. A little tweaking here and there to your social media marketing efforts can produce wonders. One good tool that can help you schedule and manage your pots is Buffer, it helps you create and schedule your posts on every social media profile you own.  

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