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Kudi Affiliate Program

Do You Want To Earn Money As A Business Support Consultant?

Do You Dream Of A Side Hustle That Will Bring Passive Income?

Do You Desire To Partner With A Winning Team That Delivers Exceptional Services?

If You Answered Yes To Any Of The Above Then The Kudi Affiliate Program Is For You.



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Businesses start with an idea to meet the needs of customers.

As the business grows, the business owner discovers that apart from its core objective of meeting the needs of customers, there are several functions that make up a business e.g business planning, business registration, tax filings, licenses & permits etc. In most cases, the business owner does not have the qualification, time, or skill to manage these critical business functions and ignoring them could lead to the collapse of the business.

One of the ways Business Owners handle this situation is to engage Business Support Specialists handle these critical functions so that the Business Owner can concentrate on the core objective of meeting the needs of its customers. This explains why Lawyers, Accountants, Tax Consultants, HR Practitioners, Business Plan Writers, Content Developers etc are regularly engaged to provide necessary business support.

The Business support industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and is expected to grow from $466.71 billion in 2020 to $521.77 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.8%. However what we observed is that a lot of small and medium scale business can still not access these critical services easily and that’s the void Kudi Konsult was created to fill.

Kudi Konsult is Nigeria’s No 1 Enterprise Service Centre where Business Owners can find all the services they require under one roof.  We provide critical support for every phase of the business life cycle including business plan writing, business registration, intellectual property protection, loan advisory, tax compliance, permits/licenses  and debt recovery services etc.

Over the years we have utilized our expertise to help  thousands of business owners to start and grow their business and have now decided to democratize the industry by registering, training and providing support to selected Kudi Affiliates who can then bring Business Support Services closer to small and medium scale enterprises. Our objective is to on one hand increase the chances of success for small scale businesses and on the other hand to create new business opportunities for our Kudi Affiliates.

Affiliates registered with us will be entitled to massive discounts, training and support in the following areas:

  • Business Registration (Pre & Post)
  • Intellectual Property Protection ( Trademarks, Patent, Copyrights)
  • NAFDAC registration
  • DPR Registration
  • Business Plan Writing
  • AGSMEIS Loan Facilitation
  • Website Development
  • Corporate Profile Development
  • Export License

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Email Us:


Call Mobile: 09095055379 (Available MON- FRI 9am-5pm)


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