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FAQs About Copyright Registration In Nigeria

It is the exclusive right granted to an author, artist, musician, photographer, etc of an original work.

The Nigeria Copyright Commission is the body in charge of regulating copyright in Nigeria.

a) literary works; (b) musical works; (c) artistic works; (d) cinematograph films; (e) sound recordings; and (f) broadcasts.
Every work eligible for copyright on which the author or, in the case of a work of joint authorship, any of the authors, is at the time the work is made, a qualified person, that is, (a) a person who is a citizen of, or is domiciled in Nigeria; or (b) a body corporate incorporated by or under the laws of Nigeria, shall be granted copyright under the Copyright Act
A few examples of works protected by copyright are literary works like poems, novels, plays, newspaper articles, reference materials, databases, computer programs, motion pictures, choreography, and musical compositions, as well as artistic creations like paintings, sculptures, and photographs, as well as architectural and commercial designs, technical drawings, and maps.
A literary, artistic, or musical work has the author’s copyright for as long as they are alive and for 70 years after their passing. For 50 years following the date the work was first published, the owner of films, sound recordings, performances, and other works has Copyright. After the period of protection expires, the work is no longer protected and can be used by anyone.

You must fill out an online form or deliver an application for registration to any Commission office nationwide. Additionally, you must provide the Commission with two (2) copies of the work as well as proof of payment of the prescribed fee. 

It protects original creations of art, literature, sounds, musical works, films.

It takes about 3 to 4 weeks.

The creator of the work. However, where he transfers his rights to another person, the person becomes the new owner of the copyright.

No, names are not covered by the copyright law but they might be covered under trademark law.

No, copyright protection does not require publication.

No, only expressions of the idea can be copyrighted

It means the unauthorized use of a copyrighted work such as importing, exhibiting, distributing, public performance of a copyrighted work without the permission of the copyright owner.
In the Federal High Court with jurisdiction over the infringement, a claim for copyright infringement may be made by the owner, assignee, or exclusive licensee of the copyright. In a lawsuit alleging copyright infringement, the plaintiff is entitled to any and all redress, such as monetary compensation, injunctions, accounts, and other relief.

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